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Why Dr. Ellyan?

Dr. Ellyan is one of Korea’s top luxury skin brands backed by advanced research, seven patents, and with state-of-the-art-technology. With natural ingredients and dermatological science, Dr. Ellyan’s products promote radiant and beautiful skin. Targeting various skin concerns, with a step-by-step skin care program, it is packed with the best ingredients to optimize the skin’s natural vitality.


What do you need more for your skin?

If luxury skincare brands failed to show the changes you wanted to see in your skin, try Dr. Ellyan. Being Korea’s no.1 luxury skincare brand, Dr. Ellyan’s focused research can return your skin to its natural vitality and glow to make your skin healthy and alluring over time. Dr. Ellyan’s line not only provides what Asian women want most, clean and silky skin, but a visible glow from within that works to make skin clear, vibrant, and healthy.

Mechanisms for skin, the secret to the skin’s rejuvenation

With dermatological science and natural activating ingredients, the skin can recover and be replenished. Based on scientific and credible research at Hs Bio Technology, we aim to be a medical cosmetic product that combines the natural healing powers of plant extracts and medical principles to pursue healthy skin that people dream of.

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Points of difference


Dr. Ellyan is a different scale of medical cosmetic products that are a result of its long-term research. Dr. Ellyan’s specialized texture, activating ingredients, and technology-intensive products are effective in maximizing the excellence and safety of the product.


Dr. Ellyan’s 7 patented ingredients and advanced technology, contains more than 100 biochemical ingredients to help skin maintain its youthfulness and slow the skin’s aging process to bring beautiful and dramatic changes.


The oil from cacay nuts kahai nuts, which originate from the Amazon cacay trees, are healing ingredients that have been used for a long time to treat irritation and burns by natives. 

7 Patented Ingredients - Backed by Dermatological Science

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